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Your Gainesville FL Dentists since 1964 - Cruz Davis Dental

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We provide general, cosmetic and restorative dental services, for all ages, which result in beautiful, natural looking, healthy, and long lasting smiles for each of our patients.

Here is a sample of services that we provide in our Gainesville, Florida, dental office, along with a brief definition of each term:

Services List


Anxiety Reduction Options (Nitrous, AKA 'Laughing Gas', or Medication


Bonding / Composite Reconstruction

BOTOX® (for migraine headaches, TMJ treatment, and to remove wrinkles)


Broken Chipped, and Fractured Tooth Repair

Cancer Patient and Survivor Dental Care

Cleanings / Prophylaxis

Crowns – Gold or Porcelain

Deep Cleanings

Digital X-Rays

Diastema Closure ('Gap Closure')

Dry Socket Treatment

Emergency Treatment (After-Hours Care Available)

Esthetic Fixed Bridges


Fillings – Tooth-Colored (Composite)

Fixed Bridges

'Flippers' (Interim Partial Dentures)

Fluoride Treatments or Therapy

Full Smile Design / Reconstruction

Gap Closure (Diastema Closure)

Geriatric Dental Care (Geriodontics)

Holistic Dental Care (Holistic Dentistry)

Implant Dentistry (Dental Implants)

Individualized Treatments

Inlays / Onlays


Laser Dentistry

Mercury-Free Fillings

‘Minimal-Preparation’ Porcelain Veneers

Night Guards

Onlays / Inlays

Opalescence Boost Whitening Treatment

Oral Sedation (e.g. Anti-Anxiety Medications, Sedatives, Narcotics)

Orthodontics (Invisalign®, Snap-On Smile®)

Pediatric Dental Care

Periodontal Treatments

Porcelain or Gold Crowns

Pre-Procedure Anxiety Reduction

Pregnant Patient Dental Care

Preventive Dental Care

Prophylaxis ('Cleanings')

Radiograph ('X-ray')

Root Canal Treatment or Therapy

Scaling & Root Planing (Periodontal Therapy)


Smoking Cessation Therapy and Treatment

Snap-On Smile® / Smile Transition

Snore Guards

Special Events & Weddings

Sports guards

Toothache Treatment

TMJ Treatment

Treatment Planning

Veneers – Porcelain

Weddings & Special Events

Whitening Treatments

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

X-Rays (Digital!)

Zoom Whitening® Treatment

  • Anxiety Reduction Options - We offer pre-procedure treatments, such as Nitrous Oxide (aka Laughing gas) and Oral Sedation (Medication) to lower a patient's feelings of stress and anxiety during the procedure.

  • Biopsy - Taking a tissue sample from the mouth for laboratory evaluation.

  • Bonding / Composite Reconstruction - Synthetic material used in fillings to restore teeth with cavities and building up teeth. Unlike metal fillings, composite is tooth-colored and virtually 'invisible' when placed. - Composite chemically bonds the teeth to minimize imperfections by changing the teeth's color, shape, or spacing. Bonding can be used for closing small gaps, filling cavities, changing a tooth's shape, repairing chips, concealing discoloration, and more.

  • BOTOX® - a treatment used medically to treat certain conditions like TMJ and migraine headaches, and used cosmetically to remove wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing facial muscles.

  • Bridge (Fixed Bridge or Fixed Dental Prosthesis) - Dental restoration that replaces one or more missing teeth. A dental bridge typically consists of an artificial tooth fused to and held firmly in place between two dental implants or two natural teeth with crowns. A dental bridge is permanently cemented or bonded to the teeth/implants and can't be remove by the patient.

  • Broken, Chipped, and Fractured Tooth Repair - restoring a damaged tooth, depending on the severity, with procedures like filling, bonding, dental cap or crown.

  • Cancer Patient and Survivor Dental Care - It is imperative for your dentist to work in close conjunction with your oncologist or other treating physicians. Cancer treatments, such as head and neck radiation, chemotherapy, and blood and marrow transplantation, can cause oral complications by impairing the amount and quality of saliva which makes the patient more susceptible to cavities. Make sure to visit your dentist before beginning cancer treatment.

  • Cleanings - see Prophylaxis

  • Crown (Gold or Porcelain) - Hollow restoration covering or replacing the majority of the crown of a tooth or implant.

  • Deep Cleaning - see Scaling & Root Planing

  • Digital X-rays (Digital Radiographs) - Digitized imaging tool, used for better imaging and lower radiation than traditional X-rays. See X-Ray.

  • Diastema Closure ('Gap Closure') - Closing space between teeth, usually with a composite resin material, while maintaining optimal symmetry, proportion, contour, size, and color.

  • Dry Socket (Alveolar osteitis) - Inflammation of the tooth socket following extraction due to loss of blood clot, leaving the bone exposed and succeptible to infection. Symptoms of dry socket are persistent or worsening pain a few days after an extraction.

  • Emergency (Dental) - Condition, like a toothache or dental trauma, that causes acute pain, or a situation that requires urgent attention with regard to the teeth, gums, bone, or other related structures. After-hours emergency treatment available. Call 352-384-0050, press 2 and leave a message if no one answers, and we will return your call as soon as possible.

  • Extraction - The dentist removes a tooth that is either erupted (out of the gums into the oral cavity) or impacted (unerupted with unlikely chances thereof).

  • Filling (Composite / 'Tooth-Colored') - Restoration of lost tooth structure. While dental research has not proven a link between amalgam dental fillings (containing mercury) and negative side effects, We do not use mercury-based fillings in our office to err on the side of patient and environmental safety.

  • Fixed Bridge - The dentist replaces one or more missing teeth with a prosthesis cemented or bonded to the abutment teeth or implant replacements.

  • 'Flipper' (Interim Partial Denture) - Temporary prosthesis to replace missing teeth, e.g. an acrylic front tooth connected to an acrylic plate.

  • Fluoride Treatment or Therapy - Delivery of fluoride to the teeth in order to prevent tooth decay. Ask us about the ADA's current recommendations concerning fluoride treatments for children and adults.

  • Full Smile Design - The importance of one's smile is undeniable to the individual and to society. Civilizations have employed smile design techniques for thousands of years. Our dentists will use the latest technology and research to design your dream smile that integrates with your overall comprehensive dental care.

  • Gap Closure - see Diastema Closure

  • Geriatric Dental Care (Geriodontics) - Dental care for older adults where we work in conjunction with your other healthcare providers to provide prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of dental issues associated with aging.

  • Holistic Dental Care (Holistic Dentistry) - Our office not only treats your mouth and teeth, but we treat the entire You because all aspects of health and well-being are interconnected. While our dentists are ADA board-certified, we appreciate that there exist alternative approaches to medicine. If you are not sure about one form of treatment, be sure to ask the dentist for alternatives that fit your holistic ideals.

  • Implant (Implant Dentistry) - Titanium stud implanted into the bone onto which a replacement tooth is placed.

  • Individualized Treatments - Speak with your hygienist and dentist about the best comprehensive care and cosmetic procedures to suit your needs.

  • Inlays / Onlays (Composite, porcelain or Gold) - Dental restoration usually over a relatively large area of the tooth's chewing surface.

  • Invisalign® - Transparent braces (orthodontics) consisting of a series of removable plastic trays that resemble a protective mouth guard. The trays are quite comfortable, unobtrusive, and practically invisable. Schedule a free consultation to see if you are an Invisalign® candidate and to view 3-D before-during-and-after images of your/their teeth from all angles. Probably best of all is that since the trays are removable, you can eat whatever you want. Treatment typically takes only about six to 18 months but varies by the case.

  • Laser Dentistry - Dental care that uses a LASER, a tool that produces a narrow beam of light, for a variety of dental procedures: removing gum tissue, treating root canal infections, performing biopsies, prepare teeth to receive fillings. Lasers can be more precise than other methods and may produce less pain and bleeding.

  • Mercury-Free Fillings - Our practice does not use mercury-containing products as a safeguard for human and ecological health.

  • Minimal Preparation Porcelain Veneers - Choice restoration for certain cases involving front (anterior) teeth. This minimally-invasive procedure lends itself to the preservation of enamel and can change the tooth's color, shape, size, and appearance.

  • Night Guard - Removable dental appliance to help reduce issues associated with bruxism (grinding and clenching teeth). Bruxing can wear down or crack teeth, as well as cause pain, tension, and loss of sleep. Inquire about the types of night guards and other guards we offer. Some are rather unobtrusive and comfortable, much improved from earlier versions.

  • Onlays (see Inlays)

  • Opalescence Boost - Brand of in-office whitening treatment that offers amazing results in less than an hour

  • Oral Sedation - Administration of medication to the patient to reducing pain, anxiety, or discomfort associated with treatment. Ask your dentist about different pharmacological options to make your visit a comfortable one.

  • Orthodontics (e.g. Invisalign®, braces, Snap-On Smile®) - Field of dentistry that diagnoses, prevents, and corrects of malocclusion (bite problems), crooked or misaligned teeth, as well as neuromuscular and skeletal abnormalities.

  • Partial Bridge (Fixed) - see Fixed Bridge

  • Pediatric Dental Care (formerly Pedodontics) - Branch of dentistry specializing in treating children, from birth through adolescence, including the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of dental issues. No one is more important than your child. Make an appointment to bring in your infant or toddler for a free mini-exam and parent education session.

  • Periodontal Treatment - Addressing the gums and surrounding tissues of the teeth for reasons of health, function, and aesthetics. Periodontitis untreated will lead to loss of connective tissue and bone causing the teeth to become loose and eventually fall out.

  • Porcelain or Gold Crown - Hollow restoration covering or replacing the majority of the crown of a tooth or implant.

  • Pre-Procedure Anxiety Reduction - Treatments such as Nitrous Oxide (Laughing gas) and Oral sedation (medication) to aleviate discomfort and feelings of stress and anxiety.

  • Pregnant Patient Dental Care - Oral health issues in pregnant women, like gum disease, have been linked to low birth weight babies. Please advise the office if you are pregnant so the necessary precautions can be taken.

  • Preventive Dental Care - Routine treatments to help patients avoid needing more serious and invasive dental treatments.

  • Prophylaxis ('Cleanings') - Dental cleaning intended to remove plaque, calculus, and stains from the tooth structures, both preventively and curatively.

  • Radiograph - see X-Ray.

  • Root Canal Treatment or Therapy - Endodontic treatment consisting of the removal of infected or necrotic tissue (pulp/nerve) from within the tooth's root, then cleaning and shaping the space and filling it with gutta-percha, thus sealing off the root canal to avoid being populated by bacteria.

  • Scaling & Root Planing ('Deep Cleaning') - Removal of plaque, calculus, disease cementum and stain from teeth as well as from tissue that has pervasive calculus, toxins, or microorganisms. Usually, the mouth is divided into four quadrants for SRP treatments.

  • Smoking Cessation Therapy and Treatment - Counseling, analysis, and education concerning tobacco use and addiction that may include a pharmaceutical anti-depressant prescription or a stop-smoking aid like a transdermal nicotine patch.

  • Snap-On Smile® / Smile Transition - Immediate and temporary treatment that provides a removable solution for misaligned, crooked, and unattractive teeth; also used to conceal missing teeth. See Orthodontics.

  • Snore Guard - Small removable Anti-Snoring Device. These mouthpieces are designed to keep the airways open, the jaws aligned, and the tongue and soft tissue in place during sleep to diminish snoring.

  • Special Events & Weddings - Make your smile whiter and brighter for your wedding or other special event with cosmetic dentistry services such as Invisalign® braces, tooth whitening, gap closures and bonding for broken or chipped teeth. Ask us about special pricing for groups.

  • Sports guard - Removable mouthpiece designed to protect the teeth and mouth from trauma during high-impact sports like football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, (field) hockey, boxing, martial arts, and more.

  • Toothache Treatment - General term to describe various treatments for pain in or around a tooth that may be caused by issues related to tooth decay, fracture, grinding, damaged filling, an abscess, infected gums. Severe pain can necessitate emergency treatment.

  • TMJ Treatment - Treatment of dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint, the connecting hinge mechanism between the base of the skull (temporal bone) and the lower jaw (mandible). Such dysfunction can cause pain and discomfort as well as secondary issues.

  • Treatment Planning - You and our dental professionals will map out a sequential guide for your care with aim at your optimal oral health and appearance. Factors such as diagnosis, budget, and patient preference influence the scope and progression of the treatment plan, which can be updated at any time depending on those factors.

  • Veneers (Porcelain) - Thin pieces of porcelain, a ceramic material, layered to improve the teeth's appearance and aligment. A small amount of the tooth enamel (usually less than one millimeter) is removed in order to place the veneer.

  • Weddings & Special Events - A smile mini-makeover for your wedding or other special event with cosmetic dentistry options such as Invisalign® braces, in-office or take-home tooth whitening for the bride, groom, or entire wedding party. Ask us about group rates as well as other cosmetic dentistry services such as tooth reshaping, bonding, gap closures, and veneers. We welcome patients and couples of all backgrounds and lifestyles.

  • Whitening Treatments - Refers to a number of in-office and take-home treatments that lighten the teeth's color to effect a younger, healthier, brighter appearance. See a more in-depth explanation in our Ask The Dentist web column.

  • Wisdom Tooth (Third-Molar) Extraction - Removal of a third molar or "wisdom tooth" that may be erupted (in the oral cavity) or impacted (below the gums).

  • X-Ray (Radiograph) - Imaging tool that allows doctors to see areas that the human eye alone cannot, such as within the tooth structure, below the gum line, or to the bone. Cruz Davis Dental uses Digital X-rays for better imaging and lower radiation.

  • Zoom Whitening® - One of several brands of tooth whitening systems which uses a special light in the whitening process.