Gainesville is Florida's First 'Welcoming City'

Gainesville Florida is the state's first official Welcoming City!  But what does this mean?

Since we are in the South, it is given that we are welcoming and charming to an extent, but this title implies more than Southern charm.  According to an article in Gainesville's Alligator publication,  in accepting the title, our friendly city has declared itself to be welcoming to foreigners.

This title is not a political statement, nor is it tied to immigration issues.  It is simply a declaration to give everyone a chance, no matter their nationality or background.  This does not give foreigners the right to abuse our welcoming nature.  Whether you are Zoe from Zanzibar or Billy from Bronson, everyone is expected to abide by the area's laws and to be respectful to one another in general.  That's the Gainesville way.

Likewise, Cruz Davis Dental is a Welcoming Dental Practice (self-designated title).  As we live in a city that houses institutions like the University of Florida, Santa Fe College, and UF Health Shands Hospital, we are luckly to have individuals and families visit or reside in our city who stem from every corner of this vast planet. 

And our dental practice provides dental treatment to many of these families.  We are happy to have such a diverse cross-section of human beings patronize our practice, and we enjoy hearing stories and experiences from near and far.

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