Gainesville Native is The Woodruff Arts Center's new Director of Planned Giving

Congratulations to our friend and supporter, Ms. Lula Dawit, Esq., who is leaving her position as Planned Giving Officer at Spelman College to tackle the role of The Woodruff Arts Center's Director of Planned Giving.

Lula Dawit, Esq., The Woodruff Arts Center's new Director of Planned Giving

Lula Dawit, Esq., The Woodruff Arts Center's new Director of Planned Giving

The Woodruff Arts Center is an umbrella organization in Atlanta, Georgia, that includes three world-renowned performing and visual arts institutions: the Alliance Theatre, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, and the High Museum of Art.

Regarding her role as The Woodruff's Director of Planned Giving, Ms. Dawit says, "This opportunity allows me to combine my tax and estate planning background with my love for advocating for the arts! I'm so excited!"

Contrats, Lula - keep making us proud as you advocate for the arts!

Hunter and his Back Diamond Quartet

Friend of Cruz Davis Dental, and Gainesville native, Hunter Diamond, will be visiting town and playing jazz in various venues in early May :

Thursday May 4 - with the 706 Band
Saturday May 6 - with his band Black Diamond* at the Tioga Jazz Festival
Sunday night May 7 - at Heartwood Soundstage**

*Back Diamond is a prominent up-and-coming jazz quartet from Chicago. Learn about their new record and record deal at

**Heartwood Soundstage
619 S Main St.
Gainesville, Florida
Heartwood Soundstage is a performance venue hosting intimate performances that connect artists and audiences while inspiring the collaborative creative process.

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Gainesville is Florida's First 'Welcoming City'

Gainesville Florida is the state's first official Welcoming City!  But what does this mean?

Since we are in the South, it is given that we are welcoming and charming to an extent, but this title implies more than Southern charm.  According to an article in Gainesville's Alligator publication,  in accepting the title, our friendly city has declared itself to be welcoming to foreigners.

This title is not a political statement, nor is it tied to immigration issues.  It is simply a declaration to give everyone a chance, no matter their nationality or background.  This does not give foreigners the right to abuse our welcoming nature.  Whether you are Zoe from Zanzibar or Billy from Bronson, everyone is expected to abide by the area's laws and to be respectful to one another in general.  That's the Gainesville way.

Likewise, Cruz Davis Dental is a Welcoming Dental Practice (self-designated title).  As we live in a city that houses institutions like the University of Florida, Santa Fe College, and UF Health Shands Hospital, we are luckly to have individuals and families visit or reside in our city who stem from every corner of this vast planet. 

And our dental practice provides dental treatment to many of these families.  We are happy to have such a diverse cross-section of human beings patronize our practice, and we enjoy hearing stories and experiences from near and far.

Gainesville Music Legend Sings about UNREASONABLE LOVE

Check out original music by beloved Gainesville musician, Janet Rucker, entitled 'Unreasonable Love'.

gainesville florida dentist in gainesville florida dental office in gainesville florida - janet rucker unreasonable love - entertainment original music

Dentists Analyze David Bowie's Teeth

We love the man, the musician, the legend, David Bowie.  Along with his looks and style, his teeth and smile have morphed over the years.  Watch this video with dentists' commentary:

gainesville florida dentist in gainesville florida dental office in gainesville florida david bowie's teeth best cosmetic dentist in gainvesville florida 2.jpg

8 Crazy Nights International Dental Giveaway!

For each of the 8 nights of Hanukkah (Sunday December 6th - Sunday December 13), Cruz Davis Dental will give away one exciting prize to a lucky winner around the globe!


#1 Sun Dec 6 - Toothbrush, Toothpaste, & Floss

#2 Mon Dec 7 - Mouthwash

#3 Tues Dec 8 - Fluoride Varnish

#4 Wed Dec 9 - Professional Strength Tooth Whitening Kit

#5 Thu Dec 10 - One Year Stock of Oral Hygiene Supplies

#6 Fri Dec 11 - Cruz Davis Dental Polo Shirt

#7 Sat Dec 12 - Dental Exam & X-rays [ADA Codes D0150 & D0210;  has no cash redemption value, expires 6/01/16, and is only valid upon presenting gift certificate signed by Dr. Cruz-Davis]

#8 Sun Dec 13 - Oral B Pro 1000 Electric Toothbrush


1) Like our Facebook page:

2) Comment "My Dentist" on the Facebook post of the prize you want to win

3) Like and share the post

Contestants may enter once per day for each of the 8 prizes! 

Good luck and Happy Holiday from the Cruz Davis Dental Team

gainesville florida dentist - 8 crazy nights international dental giveaway

Research Making Headway for Autistic Patients Overwhelmed by Dental Visits

gainesville florida dentist in gainesville florida dental office in gainesville florida - autistic patients, patients with autism, spectrum, stimuli, anxiety reduction.JPG

According to University of Southern California (USC) research, children who have been diagnosed as on the autistic spectrum often have difficulties with dental visits.  Due to an extreme sensitivity to stimuli, such as sounds, sights, and touching, a simple prophylaxis, or professional dental cleaning - which is often fun for other children - can be a dreaded torture for autistic patients.

As dentists and dental professionals are often not trained to handle these challenging cases, the patients are often physically restrained during the dental procedures, which in turn exacerbates an autistic patient's fear and discomfort.

However, research shows that some simple changes in environment and approach can greatly alleviate many of the difficulties associated with the dental visit.  According to USC News, "By replacing fluorescent lights with softer and colored lighting, playing soothing music and using butterfly wraps that provide calming deep pressure," anxiety and negative behaviors can be reduced in patients with autism.

Many of these small changes for autistic patients would be appreciated by all patients, effecting a less anxious dental visit.  As technology and consciousness advance, many of the formerly traumatic dental procedures are now comfortable and painless.  Digital radiographs (x-rays) are quicker and more comfortable than the traditional ones; new anesthetic works quicker and wears off more quickly after the visit; newer hand pieces (drills) are quieter and less intimidating. Today, the greatest fear is fear itself!

Professional Dental Cleaning: Before & After

This is a no-filter selfie comparison study taken before and after a professional dental cleaning (prophylaxis) at our Gainesville FL dental office.  The teeth really shine after a good cleaning and polishing treatment!

Busted Your Teeth? No Problem!

Why stay with a less-than-ideal smile when Dr. Cruz-Davis can fix you up in no time?

This young man chipped his front teeth and Dr. Cruz-Davis repaired them using bonding in our Gainesville, Florida, dental office.

Gator Marching Band Percussion Warmup 9/26/15

In case you didn't make it to tailgating and the UF vs. Tennessee game, here's a taste of the University of Florida Gators' Pride of the Sunshine rhythm section. 

You can hear the other part of the band in the background playing the Gator Chomp.


If you're not a Gator, you must be Gator bait!

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Historical "8" at Hipp - fundraiser for Southern Legal Counsel

Cruz Davis Dental ( is sponsoring an event at the Hippodrome on Mon Sept 21 (AFER and Broadway Impact’s “8” ). 

The event will include a staged reading of "8", a play that reenacts the historical trial that ruled California's Proposition 8 unconstitutional, which decision became a cornerstone in the national same-sex marriage battle.

This event is a fundraiser for Southern Legal Counsel, a Gainesville-based non-profit public interest law firm that fights for civil rights, social justice, and state-wide systemic reform.

Don't wait to reserve your tickets for this important fundraiser.  If you cannot attend but would still like to make a donation, click here.

Gainesville FL Dentist - AFER and Broadway Impact's 8 - Southern Legal Counsel fundraiser - Dentist Gainesville Florida

Gainesville Restaurateur & Teacher Artist Produce Fresh Cookbook

Gainesville restaurant entrepreneur, Chef Bert Gill, and co-author and illustrator, Erika Nelson, have undertaken a novel endeavor in creating a cookbook entitled Pickled, Fried, and Fresh: Bert Gill's Southern Flavors (University Press of Florida). The book focuses on using local and seasonally available ingredients, and its recipes are accompanied by simply beautiful watercolor illustrations by local school teacher and artist, Erika Nelson.

Chef Gill, along with his wife Tara, owns iconic Gainesville restaurants Mildred's Big City Food, the New Deal Café, and Blue Gill Quality Foods. Ms. Nelson teaches at Jordan Glen School and Summer Camp.

Pickled, Fried, and Fresh will be released in September 2015 nationwide at Barnes and Noble, and is now available for pre-order through the publisher and Amazon:
University Press of Florida
Amazon (designate Jordan Glen School as your Amazon Smile charity for a portion of all your Amazon purchases to go to this local non-profit school)

Gainesville FL Dentist - Cookbook - Pickled, Fried, and Fresh, Bert Gill's Southern Flavors - Blue Gill - Mildred's - New Deal Cafe

Video: Fanático de Los Pichy Boys

Este nené es gran fanático de Los Pichy Boys.  Mira su homenaje a los videos de ellos combinado con el ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

This little boy is the Pichy Boys' #1 fan.  Watch his tribute to their videos combined with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Mean tweets from UFCD Class of 2015

Parodying Jimmel Kimmel's "Mean Tweets" video clips, where celebrities read hilariously cruel Twitter comments about themselves, UF dental school's c/o 2015 made a video of their dental faculty reading mean Tweets about themselves.


This video's humor and medically graphic nature prove that it's geared toward those with experience attending or teaching in a dental school.  One tweet, for example, lists the "Things I would rather do than present a case to Dr. Dennis," wich includes, "Watch Dr. Lado intubate himself again."  The video proceeds to actually show Dr. Lado intubating himself, something that if the dental students themselves dread seeing, those of us not in the field might care to skip.


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