Cruz Davis Dental’s

CruzCare For DAG 2.0

Complete Preventive Dental Care Package

and Patient Discount Plan*

For participating Donnelly + Gross law firm

Employees and their Dependents

*Not offered in conjunction with other dental plans

Participant Registration

About CruzCare For DAG 2.0

Cruz Davis Dental’s CruzCare For DAG 2.0 is a low-cost comprehensive preventive dental care package and discount plan for workplaces. This plan is part of our effort to help local businesses offer high quality dental care to their employees and their employees’ families. In so doing, we hope to achieve a healthier and more educated community.

This preventive care package includes more ADA-recommended treatments (e.g. fluoride varnish for adults) than almost any available dental insurance plan. In fact, our package includes ALL of the ADA-recommended preventive treatments for both adults and children.

We expect that families who stick to this annual preventive care regimen, follow clinical recommendations, and use proper home oral hygiene, are more likely to avoid future ‘big’, expensive, invasive dental procedures, and thus save time, money, and energy.

After you register your family (click button above), you are ready to make New Patient comprehensive exam appointments for each Participant. Once you have made an appointment, you will fill out your patient forms online, the information will go directly to our secure database, and our office will make you a patient chart and a family file.

You will be able to make ‘cleaning’ appointments after the doctor performs a Comprehensive Exam and determines how to proceed with treatment. When making your first appointment, you can check to see if there are back-to-back appointments available for a comprehensive exam followed by the appropriate dental cleaning.

Plan Summary


Plan Summary

Cruz Davis Dental’s

CruzCare For DAG 2.0



Term: November 1, 2019 - October 31, 2020 (Open Enrollment is month of October year)

Premium: $200 Annually per Participant

Co-Pay: $25 per Visit per Appointment

Preventive Care Package Benefits:

  • Comprehensive Exam - One-time assessment for new patients

  • FMX Full Mouth Series of X-rays - Once every 5 years

  • Periodic Dental Exam - Twice annually (comprehensive exam replaces first one)

  • Bitewing X-rays - Once annually (not necessary when recent Full Mouth Series of X-rays available)

  • Fluoride Varnish - Once annually

  • Prophylaxis - Twice annually

    • This professional dental cleaning is for patients without evidence of periodontal disease

      • Patients diagnosed with Periodontal Disease will usually need a Scaling and Root Planing treatment, aka Deep Cleaning, followed by Periodontal Maintenance instead of Prophylaxes (see below)

  • Periodontal Maintenance - Usually every 3 months (two visits covered per Year)

    • This deep cleaning is for patients diagnosed with stable periodontal disease and replaces a Prophylaxis (see more below)

Terms & Conditions

· Donnelly + Gross (‘Employer’) or Participant Employee will pay Cruz Davis Dental $200 per Participant (Employee and their Dependent Children age 25 or below, or Senior Parent), by cash or check, for family participation in Cruz Davis Dental’s CruzCare For DAG 2.0 dental discount plan for the term beginning Nov 1, 2019 and ending by Oct 31, 2020, (‘One Year’). All benefits related to this agreement will terminate and expire at the end of the One Year term, or when the Employee Participant no longer is a patient at Cruz Davis Dental, whichever occurs first.

· Each Participant is eligible to receive the above Preventive Care Package for One Year. Participants who join the plan later will have the same terms as Participants who joined earlier, with no prorations or exceptions.

· Patient will pay a co-pay of $25 per visit per appointment, in addition to any other fees due. (See details about the Preventive Care Package above and the 15% Discount below.)

· In addition to the Preventive Care Package, Participants will receive a 15% Discount on all other treatments and procedures performed by our office. Discounts do not include portions of bill from dental labs or other third parties.

· Primary Participants (Employees and their participating family members) who change their employment status at Donnelly + Gross can finish their Year’s Preventive Care Package, but will no longer be eligible for the 15% Discount on other treatments.

· Patients diagnosed with periodontal disease usually require Periodontal Maintenance (typically every 3 months) instead of a Prophylaxis (usually every 6 months). After the two annually included dental cleanings (Prophy or Perio-Maintenance), Participant is fully responsible for any additional cleanings and charges, minus the 15% Participant discount.

· Participants are subject to all Cruz Davis Dental policies, e.g. paying fees for broken appointments (See policies at As Cruz Davis Dental makes every effort stick to schedule, Patients who repeatedly break appointments or arrive late will be dismissed from the practice.

· The Participant and Cruz Davis Dental each have the right to terminate their patient-provider relationship for any reason or for no reason, there upon ending the Participant’s participation in the plan; there will be no financial recourse, penalty, or compensation for any party. Any such notice of early termination should be delivered in writing. The patient will still be responsible for any balance due on their Family’s ledger, which payment must be paid in full immediately to Cruz Davis Dental.