Before and After


Patients with chronic or acute dental issues often suffer from related physical discomforts as well as a lack of self-confidence in the aesthetics of their teeth and smile. Today patients no longer need to suffer the physical and emotional stresses of living with broken or discolored teeth, malocclusion (bite problems), periodontal disease (bone, gum, and oral tissue disease), missing teeth, crooked teeth, diastemas (spaces or gaps), peg teeth, tooth and gum disproportions, or other any other oral health or aesthetic issue.

Since 1964 Doctors Hatcher, Weber, and Cruz-Davis have had the privilege of treating thousands of patients in our Gainesville, Florida, office, giving individuals a confidence in their smile that they did not think was possible. Your dental woes are our opportunity to restore your teeth to outstanding health and youthful beauty, and our chance to help you smile and laugh carefree.

We invite you to take some time to peruse the details of a few examples of our work. Please check back periodically for more Before & After photos.

Invisalign K3 before.jpg
Invisalign K3 after  (not quite done).JPG

Invisalign K1 before.JPG
Invisalign K1 after  (not quite done).JPG

Invisalign C4 before.JPG
Invisalign C4 after.JPG

gainesville florida dentist - before & after - tooth fracture - dentist gainesville florida.jpg

composite veneers to reshape teeth, gap closure on front 4 teeth before.jpeg
composite veneers to reshape teeth, gap closure on front 4 teeth after (2).jpeg

bonding before.jpg
bonding after.JPG

bonding before 1.JPG
bonding after 1.JPG